The Success and Failures of Making Banh Xeo

Cooking is a breeze for some people but for others it could be the most difficult thing ever. Not having much cooking experience, I though that I should make something that is relatively easy but also a challenge at the same time so I decided on banh xeo, a popular Vietnamese crepe. Having seen how its made, it looked really simple but looks can be deceptive because it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. During this process I learned that cooking requires a lot of patient and determintion in order to get a perfect product out of it.

 Image from Google
The banh xeo mix was pretty easy because it only required flour, turmeric, coconut milk, a bit of water, some salt and paper for flavoring. I thought banh xeo got its yellow color from eggs but when I found it there was no eggs in the recipe I was surprised. I wasn’t sure what turmeric was because I have never used it before but after looking it up I realized I did know what it was, I just didn’t know that it was called turmeric since my mom calls it a yellow ginger in Chinese.

 Image from Google

So after making the mix, I had to wait around 30 minutes. During those 30 minutes, I took the time to peel the shrimp, cut up and wash everything that I needed to use. This was the easy part. The hard part was the actually making of the banh xeo.
I put the shrimp and the mushroom into the pan to cook first and when it was just about ready I had to pour on the mix. This was a challenge because I couldn’t pour it properly.


The mix was supposed to spread around the whole pan so after I poured it in, I took the pan and lightly tilted it around so the mix spread evenly. The pan was a bit heavy so I might have been a bit slow at spreading it around so the center of the banh xeo ended up a bit thick and it was even a full circle. After it was cooked for a bit, I had to fold it in half. It didn’t work out that well because I had a too much stuff inside.

The second time making this was a lot better because I was familiar with making. Both recipes were really good. After all the cooking, it was finally ready to be eaten. The banh xeo smelled amazing when it was cooking and it tasted even more better when I ate it because I put a lot of hard work into making it.

20130520_135734 My brother trying the banh xeo I made.

Making this dish really tested my patience and determination. I am not the most patient person and I usually rush through a lot of things but I had work slowly while making this dish because I didn’t want it to turn out bad. After making it the first time, I was close to giving up because it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. When I eat it at stores, the banh xeo are really pretty and big. But when I made it the first time.. It turned out horrible, it didn’t really look like a banh xeo. But, practice makes perfect so I decided to try making it a couple more times. Although the outcome wasn’t perfect, it got a lot better.

 Image from Closet Cooking


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